Hello world!

Sue enjoy cupcake at LSH Meetup

My name is Sue, and I’m a student and freelancer based in New York. I’m passionate about second language acquisition and technologies that make learning a language approachable and fun. I’m studying computer science to learn how to answer people’s “language learning buts”, the many worries and concerns that too often follow the phrase “I’d like to learn a new language”. I enjoy testing existing solutions to these problems; my favorites, so far, are Pimsleur, Memrise, Lingvist, and Readlang. This blog is a journal of my own attempts at solutions–mainly in python, always with love.

I speak and read Italian (B2/C1).
I’m currently learning Swedish (A2).
I’m learning about learning using French (00).
I supposedly learned Latin throughout high school and a bit in college, and I’ve extensively translated Vergil, Catullus, and Cicero. (Can say “Semper ubi sub ubi”.)
I learned Nyanja through osmosis and through song lyric and fable translations. (Can identify why so-and-so is crying and the role of Kalulu in a story.)
English is my first language.