Playlist Maker

Playlist Maker is a web app that lets you make a Spotify playlist full of songs by your favorite artist and artists similar to them. It’s incredibly easy to use. Just enter the name of a musician or band you like, wait a few seconds, and rock on!

playlist maker demo gif

I started working on Playlist Maker at Flawless Hacks, a hackathon for women hosted at Spotify. I wanted to practice integrating an API and to learn about OAuth, so the decision to build something using Spotify was an easy one.

How it works:

Playlist Maker searches Spotify for the artist you request. It chooses the first result returned, as you’re most likely looking for the most popular artist who matches your search. Next, it selects the first ten “related artists”, the musicians that Spotify identifies as being most similar to your artist. Finally, it builds a tracklist by taking up to five “popular songs” for each artist, and it adds the tracks to the playlist.

The backend is built with Python, flask, and spotipy. The frontend uses the Story theme by HTML5UP, an Alice Moore image from Unsplash, and content from Spotify.

View it on github Try it on Heroku