Office Hack 2016

As a budding Americanist, I dreamt of working in public history, be it at a library or museum or historical society.  That dream was predicated on romantic ideals of sharing and preserving American history for public and progeny. Alas, the reality of working in a chilly, dimly lit, and often silent environment, meant this dream would remain a dream, lest it materialize into a nightmare. Thank goodness for internships and work exploration programs!

Today, I participated in Office Hack, a “tech crawl” by 2020 Shift and Spotify. I had the opportunity to visit several tech companies in NYC and to hear from software engineers about what it’s like to work at those companies and about what advice they have for students and junior developers.

My favorite stop was the Mastercard Tech Hub. There’s a certain appeal to having the security of a long established company with the atmosphere of a startup. So what does it take to work in such an environment? Here’s what the Mastercard Tech Hub looks for in entry-level applicants:

  • an aptitude and ability to learn
  • technological and intellectual curiosity
  • knowledge of background and trends in your area of interest
  • a portfolio that shows what you’ve learned and researched on your own
  • a problem-solving process

In short, an unrelenting desire to learn and a commitment to constantly improving as a developer. Challenge accepted.

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