I’m a software engineer who builds tools that empower people to do their best work. I’m part of the ML Platform group in Twitter Cortex. We build infrastructure that enables engineers at Twitter to efficiently apply machine learning to their unique problems. In my free time, I enjoy studying linguistics and hacking on technology that makes learning languages fun and approachable.

Before this, I studied computer science at Hunter College, interned at Twitter (twice!), was a Rewriting the Code Fellow, a GitHub Campus Expert, and the Vice President of Hunter’s ACM student chapter.

And before that, I graduated from Columbia University with a bachelor’s degree in American studies. At Columbia, I took courses in American history, politics, literature, and sociology in fulfillment of my major requirements. I also explored my interests in linguistics, translation, and digital humanities through electives.

So how did I go from American studies to computer science?

I took my first computer science class in my last semester at Columbia. It was an experimental CS + X style course that taught introduction to computer science and programming with liberal arts applications. I absolutely loved that class! It was so inspiring to learn how to blend my passions for civics, public diplomacy, and languages with technology. Just six months after graduating from Columbia, I enrolled in Hunter’s undergraduate computer science program.