About Me

I’m a software engineer at Twitter.

Before that, I studied computer science at Hunter College, interned at Twitter (twice!), was a Rewriting the Code Fellow, a GitHub Campus Expert, and the Vice President of Hunter’s ACM student chapter.

And before that, I graduated from Columbia University with a bachelor’s degree in American studies. At Columbia, I took courses in American history, politics, literature, and sociology in fulfillment of my major requirements. I also explored my interests in linguistics, translation, and digital humanities through electives.

So how did I go from American studies to computer science?

I took my first computer science class in my last semester at Columbia. It was an experimental CS + X style course that taught introduction to computer science and programming with liberal arts applications. I absolutely loved that class! It was so inspiring to learn how to blend my passions for civics, public diplomacy, and languages with technology. Just six months after graduating from Columbia, I enrolled in Hunter’s undergraduate computer science program.